How we are keeping you safe

We are scheduled to re-open on June 4th 2021. We have tried to make contact with all ticket holders that we think may have events impacted by date changes at this stage. If you cannot see your event on our website with a revised date, we may not have been able to reach you so please contact us now for further information.

Our building is closed to all visitors and the phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm for bookings and enquiries on 01202 499199 (subject to staffing avilability).

When you visit us from June 4th 2021 ...

Some things may feel different at first, but we are here to make sure that your visit feels as it did before, if not better! We are sure you will want to know how everything will work. Here is a quick summary.

Since you’ve been gone …

1. We’ve hired a new cleaning service. Every day they will clean the venue from top to bottom. They specialise in cleaning medical centres and schools, so we know they are perfect for the job! Our staff will be PPE trained and will continue to spot clean touch points throughout the day, during and after each event.

2. We’re following all of the government and industry best practices to ensure that we meet Covid Secure certification. That means we’ve been working on a vast number safety standards in the background that you probably won’t notice but the fact that they are in place means that we are able to safely open the doors to you again.

3. We’ve upgraded our ticketing system to incorporate lots of new features to help you keep safe. 

4. We have changed our refunds policy to reflect the times we are currently in. 


What will be different when I visit?

• Whilst in phase 3, our seating will be socially distanced. This happens automatically via our ticketing system. You will be able to see which seats are occupied, which seats are bubbled (wasted) and which seats are for sale. One seat occupied will waste up to 12 seats so please try and locate yourself up against another bubble (wasted distanced seats) so we can make avoid dissapointing other customers due to the reduced capacity of the auditorium. When we move into phase 4 and provided the requirements do not change, seating will no longer be socially distanced and your booking will work as normal. In phase 4 we will continue to follow any regulations around safety.

• In phase 3 and possibly into phase 4, the doors to the venue will open 45 minutes before your event. Please do not arrive before this point. There will be no queue points outside. You may want to think about how to time your arrival. If we have your email address, we will email you beforehand with the latest advice on this.

• You will be required to wear a mask at all times when travelling through the building and in your seat as per Government legislation unless you are medically exempt. You will be able to eat and drink at your seat, at which point you may tempoarily remove your mask to do so as per the guidelines supplied to us. Please note, visors are not considered a full face covering under current guidance in a cinema setting unless worn with a face mask that covers both the mouth a nose. If you choose to wear a visor you will be considered medically excempt. The advice on this is unlikely to change in the near future.

• You should pre book your tickets and refreshments online or by phone and then either print out your tickets or have them on your phone screen. If you are unable to do this, you will need to purchase or collect your tickets no earlier than 45 minutes beforehand from the Christchurch Information Centre Door. The box office inside the building will not be open. 

• Your pre booked tickets will be checked upon entering the building, after which you will be free make your way around the building. Everyone aged 16 or over will need to scan in using the NHS app at the ticket check point. If they do not have the app, they can sign in but please bring your own pen if yoiu can! 

• You will notice hand sanitising stations as you arrive and at the top of the foyer. We’d like to encourage you to use these as well as to wash your hands whenever you are visiting one of our facilities.

• Your pre booked refreshments will be in bag on your seat.

• The foyer will not have any furniture at this time, but you will be able to take your seat in the auditorium as soon as you arrive if you wish.

• The coffee shop will be open for a  menu of soft drinks, ice cream and snacks but at this time we will be unable to serve hot drinks.

• The downstairs bar will be open with a menu of our most popular drinks to take direct to your seat. The upstairs bar will be closed but we’ll leave the space open – it makes a great short cut to the loo!

• You’ll notice lots of signage as you move around the venue whilst we are advised to do this. This is nothing new if you have been in any shop or public space, but we hope you’ll find it useful.

• There will be queuing systems if you have not taken advantage of our pre booking systems for ticketing and refreshments, whilst we are advised to do this.

• Our customer service points will be behind screens whilst we are advised to do this.

• We have had our airconditioning plant overhauled and increased fresh air will now be circulated throughout and then extracted from the auditorium. This may make the space a little more chilly and you may want to bring an extra layer with you just in case. The raditors will still be on if the weather dictates!

• We will not be able to take cash anywhere in the venue until advice changes so please ensure you have a payment card with you if are not taking advantage of our new online pre-payment services. All our chip and pin machines allow contactless payments including Apple and Android pay using your phone.

Chages to our standard terms and conditions - 

If you purchased tickets with us for an event and the date on your ticket / booking has been changed by the Regent Centre, we will continue to offer credit notes and exchanges to other events. As a last resort, we will offer refunds but as a charity, after 15 months of closure, we are unable to sustain this level of service indefinitely.  

If you purchased tickets for an event from the advent of Phase 2 onwards or previous to this and your tickets have not been rescheduled at any point (your booking date remains the same as the original), we will only offer changes (credit notes and exchanges) to your booking if any member of your party is affected by illness due to Covid, in which case we must have at least 6 hours’ notice of this. 

Nobody must attend if they have had contact with a person with Covid in the last 10 days regardless of the status of their booking.

Our phone lines are on reduced opening (Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and weekend from June), but if you have an enquiry about our measures or about tickets that you have in hand for a live show that you think we have not contacted you about yet, send us an email to and we'll do our best to help you out.

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