What a roller-coaster 48 hours we have had! We wanted to give you an idea of what went into bringing a few minutes of live footage onto national TV. 

When 'The One Show' approached us a few days ago, we jumped at the opportunity! With an average of 5 million viewers a night, it was a great chance to showcase the Regent on TV.

We only got the go-ahead at 5pm on Tuesday that is was going to happen, so we had 24 hours to get everything ready at the Regent. There is a huge amount that goes into Live TV, more than we ever realised, and there was lots of phone calls on Tuesday between us, the film company and The One Show to get everything in place.

On Wednesday, the camera crew arrived at lunchtime to set up. There were 6 people in total: camera crew, a director, producer, sound and an AV technician!  Our biggest challenge was setting up the live link from the AV Van in the car park, straight into our projector, and broadcasting that live onto our big screen. We’d never done it before, so it was a nerve-racking time before that went live! Luckily for us, the crew were brilliant and made the whole process really enjoyable.

After a break for the film in the afternoon, we went back in at 5pm and then the BBC went live on our screen for a rehearsal. During this time the presenters do their rehearsal and they make sure all the live links work so they tested coming over to us live from the studio. Technology was always our biggest worry with this, but it’s incredible what they can and how it all works and luckily it did!

The show wanted to keep an element of surprise so although we told some of the audience there would be filming, they didn’t want us to say too much. Luckily for us the film 'Lion' has been really popular so we already had a full-house in!

Once the show started at 7pm, people at home were made aware that they were going to come live to us but for the audience in the auditorium, they were sat watching our normal adverts!

The moment before we went live was really exciting, the crew were all on radio-cans to the BBC in London, and because it all happens so quickly (live TV!), we were suddenly told "its going live" and then The One Show popped up on the screen! The audience were slightly shocked but as you could probably tell, there was also a slight sound delay which is way the applause came a bit late!

Once we were live on screen it all went by rather quickly and before we knew it, it was over!  

We are very grateful to our audience on that night for being part of it as once that was over, we had just twenty mins to take the cameras out before we carried on with the scheduled film.

This kind of opportunity is a real ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment and we were so pleased to showcase the Regent Centre across the UK, the first time the venue has ever been featured on national TV! As an independent Cinema and Theatre, we work really hard to make sure the Regent Centre will be here for future generations and publicity like this is not only incredible for us, but also for all other independent Cinemas & Theatres in the UK.

We are hugely grateful for the support of everyone locally who love the Regent and everything we do. We couldn’t have done yesterday without the support of the BBC crew, our technician Tom, the FOH team at the Regent, the volunteers and the audience that participated.

We are just really pleased we had the opportunity to not only showcase the Regent, but also Christchurch to a wider audience across the UK. We have never had so much feedback and interaction online and the response has been overwhelming for us all.

Thank you again to everyone and here’s to many more exciting times ahead!

Felicity Porter
General Manager

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